Soy Ms Racho: Gato montés

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Gato montés

Wild Cat- 
emerald green 18 months baby onesie
Wild cat

Esta es la historia de Gato Montés:
There was a wild cat
who lived in a flat,
he wasn´t that wild
but he never smiled

He felt in love
with the dog from above.

He become more polite
Than a sir knight

But she was a bitter,
and treated him like litter.

Her name was Juliet
and she did ballet
while he liked to groove
above in the roof.
A hard nut to crack
but life changed his luck

One day in bad mood,
and tired of her prude,
he treated her rude.
And for his surprise
she did really liked

He finally found
that she was blasé
of all that ballet
and living so bound.

She wanted to go wild
and leaving that mild.

They crossed the surround
and moved out of town

Now they live together
and both wear leather.


Body pintado a mano con pinturas para textiles no tóxicas. Tiene un cuello superpuesto para facilitar vestirlo y desvestirlo y corchetes en la parte inferior para cambiar los pañales.


El body de la foto es para bebes de  18 meses, aproximadamente 62 cm de largo y 6kg de peso. 

Puedes encargar otras tallas y colores. Escríbenos para saber la cartad de colores y haz tu solicitud de talla y color.

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